DigniCap at Cabrini Brighton – A Patients Perspective

Aurora BioScience recently received a wonderful letter from a lady, Marie, who recently used the DigniCap at Cabrini Brighton in Melbourne. Please see her letter below. If you are a patient or medical professional who would like to contact Marie or want more information on how the DigniCap can assist you, please contact Aurora BioScience on 1300 309 994

Aurora Bioscience, NSW

23rd November 2015

Dear Annick,

I am writing to you to thank you and to say how lucky I am to be one of the few women to use the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System while undergoing chemotherapy at Cabrini Brighton.

In April this year I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer and was advised that the most suitable treatment plan was chemotherapy. Without sounding shallow or vain, when my oncologist was discuss the treatment, I did not think of the harmful effects that Chemotherapy was going to have on my body, the only thing I thought of was the fear of losing my hair.

When I went to visit the chemo ward of the hospital, the nurse ran through how the Dignicap will work when I come in for my treatment. At the time it was recently trialled with a group of women at Cabrini Brighton and there were very positive results. I was initially concerned on how I would tolerate the cold temperature on my scalp, but was prepared to try it if it could save my hair.

When I arrived for my first chemotherapy treatment, the nurses fitting the cool cap and began the process of cooling my scalp. After the initial 2-3 min of discomfort, described more like a “brain freeze” I was pleasantly surprised that this initial feeling subsided and was quite comfortable during the duration of the chemo therapy treatment.

After undergoing 17 sessions of chemotherapy in conjunction with the scalp cooling system, I am so thrilled with the results and the minimal impact on my hair. I am still able to have my hair blow-waved weekly and my hairstylist even said that he has seen my hair thicken and some areas.

It’s hard enough facing the devastating diagnosis of Breast Cancer and having to undergo chemotherapy. What is really exciting is that now this new amazing technology is available to help reduce the physical and psychological impact of this treatment. It is my belief and hope that this new technology is embraced by more hospitals and medical practices to support women going through this life changing time.

Kind Regards

Marie P

(Cabrini Brighton Hospital patient)