Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation

Partnering with the Master Builders Association and Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation was pleased to be able to donate a second DigniCap™ scalp cooling system to Newcastle Private Hospital, making it possible to offer up to four four patients simultaneous cooling cap treatment.

Newcastle Private Hospital was the first to offer this treatment in the Hunter Region and has been able to treat over 30 patients with the cooling cap technology since March.

This donor funding was key to installing the second cooling cap system, as the cooling unit costs can be prohibitive to many small hospitals that are keen to embrace this innovative and groundbreaking technology.

Cold cap technology is currently only available in a select number of hospitals in Australia and can reduce chemotherapy induced hair loss. The device uses a small refrigerated cooling system to pump a liquid coolant through a cap, which fits snugly around the head.

A well-documented side effect of many chemotherapy drugs, hair loss, often significantly impacts the quality of life of many cancer patients. Cooling the scalp during chemotherapy means that less of the chemotherapy drug reaches the follicles and hair is less likely to fall out.

Newcastle Private Hospital aims to tailor treatment to meet the needs of individuals and their families, offering access to clinical trials, a McGrath Breast Care Nurse, a Wig Library and the most up to date treatment.