Faxitron is the world’s largest and only fully vertically integrated, dedicated cabinet x-ray company.  With an installed base of over 7,000 systems in medical facilities and scientific research laboratories around the globe, Faxitron is the industry standard in cabinet x-ray systems for specimen radiography.

Sentinel Lymph Node Detection:The TruNode is a sterile, wireless, single-use gamma probe optimized for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures. The TruNode senses hotspots better than existing surgical gamma probes due to its innovative detector and heuristic audio feedback technology. It is simple to use, with finger-tip pushbutton switches. These switches give the surgeon complete control from the sterile field, including switching among high-sensitivity ‘scan’, high-resolution ‘point’ and I-125 ‘Seed’ modes. Voice reporting and statistical algorithms take the guesswork out of count-rate determination.





Surgical Specimen Radiography: The Faxitron BioVision+ provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins. BioVision+ features the highest resolution detector in the industry. It provides 3X the resolution of mammography/tomosynthesis systems with its 21lp/mm detector.










Pathology Specimen Radiography: The PathVision compact size and relatively minimal cost of specimen radiography systems allow pathologists to place units in their labs. The advantage is immediate and routine access to high-resolution imaging resulting in fewer re-cuts and ultimately faster final report generation.









Core Specimen Radiography: The Faxitron CoreVision increases the standard of care for your patients by eliminating delays waiting for verification of core samples. With one touch of the button a successful biopsy procedure is confirmed and images can be instantly sent to multiple destinations without the need to interrupt mammography workflow.










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