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EMCOOLS and Aurora BioScience

Pioneering Technology – Easy and Efficient Patient Cooling

SYDNEY, Australia. Aurora BioScience Pty. Ltd. today announced that it has officially launched the EMCOOLS range of innovative cooling devices designed to improve survival rates and neurological outcome after acute ischaemic events and in various hyperthermic diseases like sepsis, heatstroke or malignant hyperthermia.

The core of these innovative products is a unique development called HypoCarbon®, which is a highly efficient cooling technology at the heart of the EMCOOLS surface cooling systems.

The reduction of a patient’s core body temperature, known as therapeutic hypothermia, increases the chances of survival and reduces the risk of neurological damage following a period of insufficient blood flow either locally (stroke / myocardial infarction) or throughout the whole body (cardiac arrest). Intact nerve cells are protected and the number of free radicals, which might damage cells after ischaemic periods, is reduced.

In addition, temperature reduction to normothermia (36.0°C – 37.5°C) increases the chances of survival and improves the neurological outcome in various hyperthermic diseases like malignant hyperthermia or in febrile stroke patients.

Aurora BioScience entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with the Austrian based manufacturer, EMCOOLS, in late 2012; under the agreement Aurora Bioscience will be exclusively responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“The EMCOOLS range really is smart, flexible and simple.” said Darren Banks, Managing Director of Aurora BioScience. “The unique technology within the temperature pads provides an effective and efficient outcome. Therapeutic hypothermia is now an established therapy that greatly contributes to improved survival with improved neurological outcome.”

Many peak bodies around the world (European Resuscitation Council, American Heart Association, ILCOR) all recommend therapeutic hypothermia after out of hospital cardiac arrest or stroke.

“We are excited to be partnering with such an innovative company as EMCOOLS and believe the EMCOOLS system can assist clinicians provide improved patient outcomes. We are currently in negotiations with a world renown specialist to undertake the first evaluations to be undertaken in Australia later this year with many hospitals extremely keen to evaluate the product” stated Mr. Banks.

About Aurora BioScience Pty Ltd

Located in Sydney Australia, Aurora BioScience is committed to providing advanced, high quality medical devices and healthcare products to assist medical professionals within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands healthcare markets, to contribute to the enhancement of patient’s quality of life. Our areas of interest include cancer therapies, neurology, pulmonology, haematology and blood products.

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Since its founding almost 10 years ago EMCOOLS Medical Cooling Systems AG has established themselves as a leading European company in the field of therapeutic patient cooling. Our passion for innovation leads to new products and solutions which give our customers more opportunities, currently in more than 40 countries worldwide.