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PhysioTouch launched in ANZ

SYDNEY, Australia. Aurora BioScience Pty. Ltd. today announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia and New Zealand for the PhysioTouch® Negative Pressure treatment device for Oedema.

PhysioTouch® is a revolutionary new treatment for oedema comprised of a negative pressure device which allows vertical and horizontal stretching of the fascial (connective tissue) structures, expanding the space for circulation of blood and lymph. The results of PhysioTouch® therapy are immediately measurable as reduced swelling, reduced pain and improved range of motion.

PhysioTouch® uses a vacuum where the pressure, pulsation, and vibration can be precisely controlled. PhysioTouch® expands and stretches the skin and the tissue underneath, pulling anchor fibres to dilate the endothelial openings of the lymphatic capillaries. Simultaneously, the expansion of fascial and connective tissue structures creates space for blood circulation and lymph flow.

The vacuum created by PhysioTouch® causes fluid to flow from the higher pressure area towards the lower pressure area. Metabolic waste flows from interstitial space through lymphatic capillaries and pre-collectors to the lymphatic collectors. In addition, the pumping mechanism of the lymphatic collectors is activated causing the lymph flow to increase further.

Aurora BioScience entered into an exclusive distribution agreement in May 2015; under the agreement Aurora Bioscience will be exclusively responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“The PhysioTouch® device is a truly innovative and important medical advancement for the treatment of oedema, especially in the area of lymphoedema; it has the potential to significantly improve the lives of patients” said Darren Banks, Managing Director of Aurora BioScience.

The PhysioTouch® device was developed by HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd, a pioneering Finnish healthcare technology company.

“We are extremely excited to be launching such an innovative product as the PhysioTouch® and believe that it can have a significant impact of patient’s lives here in Australia and New Zealand. The product will be launched at the Australian Lymphology Association meeting in Adelaide on 30th May. It will also be demonstrated at the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia meeting in Perth in June”. stated Mr. Banks.

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About Aurora BioScience Pty Ltd

Located in Sydney Australia, Aurora BioScience is committed to providing advanced, high quality medical devices and healthcare products to assist medical professionals within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands healthcare markets, to contribute to the enhancement of patient’s quality of life. Our areas of interest include cancer therapies, neurology, pulmonology, and haematology and blood products.

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About HLD Healthy Life Devices.

HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd, a pioneering Finnish healthcare technology company. The treatment method it has developed represents the newest technology in the field. Their therapy devices are already in use at approximately three hundred locations in various parts of Finland, Europe and the USA. The HLD medical devices have established their place in the toolkit of healthcare professionals. They can be used to significantly improve patients’ quality of life by reducing pain and swelling and improving range of motion. HLD is a rapidly growing company aiming to strongly increase our share in international markets.