Our history in high tech medical devices

Aurora BioScience was established in 2005 in Sydney Australia.  From the very start, we have shown a commitment to innovation and quality in high tech medical devices. By providing advanced, superior medical devices and healthcare products, we have assisted medical professionals within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in enhancing patient quality of life.

Our dedication has seen us grow and evolve. We are the preferred suppliers for a range of high technology medical products across several state Departments of Health as well as the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. We are now the exclusive partners for fifteen  international medical device manufacturers, including Helmer Inc, Dignitana, Hologic, Applied Science, Synapse Biomedical, Bionix MT, Summit Doppler, Vycor Medical, Delta-T, L&K, Organ Recovery Systems, Chemomouthpiece, Demophorious and Labstac.

As we expand further, our focus remains fixed on the diverse needs of the healthcare industry in high tech medical devices. And with our extensive sales, marketing and commercialisation expertise, we have the confidence and ability to meet these challenges.