mu-Drop micro drops fit in the eye

  • 10 times smaller than classic eye drops
  • Fit in the eye
  • No spillage
  • Comfortable
  • Simple to use

mu-Drop micro eye drops fit in the eye which may reduce side effects, improve quality of life and increase ophthalmic therapeutic effectiveness.

  • Single use
  • No preservatives
  • Effective
  • Well tolerated
  • Effective











Patient therapy adherence is the major challenge for eye drop treatment

Excess eye drop medication may cause very annoying side effects for patients;

  • Secondary Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Systemic side effects
  • Local Side effects

No excess medication is administered by mu-Drop micro eye drops and therefore is the tolerability very well, secondary Dry Eye Syndrome avoided and systemic and local side effects absent.

mu-Drop micro eye drops drive product quality

  • Versatile, scalable, robust manufacturing technology
  • Cost effective
  • Improved product integrity
  • Preservative free

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