Follact Restore Hair Care

Hair and Scalp Support during Chemotherapy and Scalp Cooling Treatment

Chemotherapy may cause scalp irritation, make the hair dry, brittle and more difficult to manage. We know that good hair and scalp care during and after your treatments will help you to manage the potential challenges for your scalp and hair.

These are 100% natural, gentle and suitable for all skin types and has been specifically formulated for patients undergoing chemotherapy and scalp cooling.

Follact contains an active botanical ingredient* shown to act on the hair follicle and stimulate regrowth to reduce hair loss. The use of Follact will help you maintain a healthy scalp and hair during chemotherapy and scalp cooling and encourage a strong and healthy regrowth after treatment.

Aurora BioScience has been working with Cancer Centres providing technology to support scalp cooling for almost 10 years. Part of what we do is provide patient education, tips and guidance on hair care recommendations during the patients chemotherapy and scalp cooling journey. Looking after your scalp and hair is important during this time and with regular use of Follact during chemotherapy and/or a scalp cooling program as well as after each wash, Follact is one easy choice you can make in the routine to support a healthy scalp for strong hair growth.

The range includes a serum for daily use, especially after scalp cooling treatment, a shampoo, conditioner and an intensive hair treatment for that extra care!









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