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Aurora BioScience is dedicated to distributing innovative medical devices that advance patient treatment. Our mission is to establish long-term, effective commercial partnerships with organisations that develop and manufacture high-quality medical devices, equipment and supplies.


Aurora BioScience is committed to the health and safety of our customers and team members through this uncertain time. In line with the Department of Health and COVID-19 requirements, we have implemented stringent guidelines and safety precautions for your protection.

Who Are We?

Aurora BioScience is a leading and respected medical device distribution company. Our networks extend across metropolitan and regional areas in all Australian states, throughout New Zealand and around the Pacific Islands.

With our head office in Sydney, Australia, our growing product range includes some of the world’s most innovative medical products and solutions. Every one of Aurora’s specialty medical devices is specifically chosen for its ability to assist clinicians in improving patient outcomes. Read more about us.

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Aurora BioScience is dedicated to sourcing and supplying innovative medical products with a goal of improving patient treatments and outcomes. By ensuring access to the best medical technology, we hope to enhance the way medical professionals within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island, improve the lives of their patients.Darren Banks, Managing Director


Let’s talk science

Let’s talk science

How does cancer treatment impact the GI tract? Chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and immunotherapy act aggressively on rapidly dividing cancer cells, but also affect healthy, non-cancerous cells that are rapidly dividing, including those that line the GI tract. This...

Help Your Patients Find Freedom

Help Your Patients Find Freedom

enterade® may help your patients live without the debilitating impact of NETs-related diarrhoea. What is enterade® ?enterade® is the first and only glucose-free medical food, specifically designed to address NETs related diarrhoea. Developed by oncologists and...

Healthcare Systems Consider Impact of Climate Change

Healthcare Systems Consider Impact of Climate Change

A view of Helmer Scientific OptiCool™ technology white paper The healthcare industry is increasingly aware of the challenges that climate change presents to global health outcomes. Environmental issues such as air pollution and extreme weather events contribute to...

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