RFID Blood Management

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What would Blood Supply Management be like if you could visualise your stocks in real time?

The advantages of using Biolog-connect include:

  • ascending and descending traceability
  • enhanced patient safety
  • improved working conditions
  • reduced operational costs.

Biolog-connect® is a smart solution that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to manage and trace sensitive blood products. The Biolog-Transfusion solution is designed for: blood transfusion centres, blood banks, hospitals and healthcare establishments.

The Biolog-id Transfusion solution combines:

  • electronic RFID tags affixed to each blood product
  • smart storage kits SST
  • RFID scanners/encoders installed at strategic points along the supply chain
  • software suite.

The Biolog-id X-Match* module completes the solution, and guarantees that the right product goes to the right patient.

Biolog blood bags
Blood supply management
Chances are, your visibility over your supply chain is incomplete, notably at transportation phase. Yet, blood products such as red cells and platelet components must comply with stringent temperature conditions and are sometimes required urgently.

Biolog-id has developed the Biolog-id Transport Application to offer complete temperature and geolocation control, from donor’s arm to patient’s vein, to ensure the integrity of the product and the safety for patients.

With Biolog-id Transport Application, health professionals benefit from our combined expertise in connected health and traceability for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Aurora BioScience is the exclusive distributor of Biolog-id in Australia and New Zealand. Further enhancing our blood product collection, processing and storage offering to you.