Blood Transportation

Delta T products
delta T develops and produces transport solutions for temperature-sensitive products in life science field.

The special thermal stabilising TempShell elements and insulated bags, boxes and pallet shippers enable temperature sensitive products to be transported safely for up to 120 hours at a constant temperature.

Blood donation centre. delta T insulated boxes and thermal stabilising TempShell elements can be used to store blood bags, test tubes, plasma and more.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers. delta T provides insulated boxes and thermal stabilising elements for medicines and samples with specific temperature transport requirements.

Laboratory and pharmacy. delta T can solve the problem of drug transportation in a targeted manner according to actual needs.

BlueLine Flexible and Simple

BlueLine Bags are economical and durable insulated bags with 3L, 10L, 16L, or 30 litres of volume.

The delta T fluid ensures that in the cold winter or hot summer days, a constant internal temperature is maintained and protects your products against cold and heat.

The delta T BlueLine Bags can be equipped with +4°C fluid Accu’s. +22°C, -18°C, -21°C, and -30°C are available.

Whether you must provide medication at 2 to 8°C or 15 to 25°C for patient pick-up, BlueLine Bags with delta T fluid Accu’s is the solution for you.

With BlueLine Bags transport times of up to 16 hours are possible. The Mini Vacuum Box 16L with TempShells can maintain 48 hours even in extreme heat.

delta T has a long-standing cooperation with the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries and has experience in compiling individual systems.

The standard modules enables us to respond quickly to your needs.

TempShell elements

You can feel confident on long transports using our patented TempShell elements.

This system is used for the transport of stem cells and valuable cargo by carriers, whether sent by plane or car.

The individual TempShell elements and TempShell frames are stackable and provide a perfect thermal barrier.

The modular system allows for different internal volumes.


The BlueLine Bags can be used together with corresponding TempShell elements of different temperatures, for a variety of applications. This allows for transport times of up to 16 hours or more can be achieved.

Transport of Bone Marrow Donation
With a Mini Vacuum Box a courier is able to transport Bone Marrow from donor to receiver safely. A 48 hour transport time allows worldwide logistic coverage.

Clinical Studies
In clinical studies new high quality medication is administered worldwide. delta T provides the appropriate cold chain solutions for the last mile. Our systems fulfill all requirements for your validation and guidelines.

Clinical Samples
The shipment of clinical samples or laboratory samples requires light transport systems. A large number of samples must be brought to lab analysis.

The BlueLine Bags are easy to handle and disinfect due to their light plastic inliner.

Delta T - Insulated bag v2
Delta T - Insulated bag
Delta T Transporter BlueLine VIP 16 L