Blood Collection Packs

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Aurora BioScience has been supplying blood collection packs since 2008.

Demotek blood packs are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure safety, reliability as well as excellent product quality. D-vac blood collection system has been designed to conform with international standards and safety.

Demotek blood packs are continuously upgraded to meet the new challenging demands in medical care as well as the growing needs for safety enhancement in blood related products like the prevention of adverse effects of blood transfusion.

Demotek high quality blood packs are suitable for the collection of blood and blood components and for the filtration of leukocytes from whole blood, red cells and platelet products.

Two Codes:

Single 600ml Dry – BBS050WA (For collecting 500ml blood or blood components)
Single 600ml with 70ml Anticoagulant – BBS050 (For collecting 500ml blood or blood components)

Aurora BioScience is the exclusive distributor of the Demophorius product range in Australia and New Zealand, further enhancing our blood product collection, processing and storage offering to you.