DigniCap for Breast Cancer patients in WA

Another update on the great success of our DigniCap Cooling System in Western Australia

Some comments:

“For the first 3 weeks after chemo & use of the DigniCap I didn’t experience any hair loss whatsoever. In fact, very surprisingly, my hair started to grow back! After 4 weeks of chemo, my hair was 8 millimetres long, & at the end of my chemo, 9 weeks later, my hair was 27 mm long!” – Belinda, 40, forensic scientist & avid cyclist, Perth

“Those entering our trial believe they will not only reap personal benefits, but will also be helping the next generaton of women undergoing chemotherapy” – – Prof Arlene Chan, Breast Medical Oncologists, Director Breast Clinical Trials Unit

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