Blast Freezers

KLF CLST Blast Freezers
KLF – Contact Freezer Series

Contact Blast Freezer Series for rapid freezing of plasma bags

The CLST horizontal contact freezer systems are customised solutions and are designed to meet your demands. These devices are using the newest cooling technology and are validated in various clinical applications. The CLST horizontal freezing process guarantees uniformly shaped bags which are frozen to the core. Several cycles can be frozen consecutively without defrosting.

Key Features:

  • -30°C within 30 minutes
  • FASTEST freezing cycle on the world
  • Superior freezing experience
  • Maximum freezing efficiency
  • Contact freezing process – stainless steel plates
  • Possibility to freeze all kind of plasma bags
  • Traceability of each freezing cycle
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Pneumatic lift
  • Rollable, ready-to-plug in solutions


KLF 12-18 for Rapid Freezing of 18 x 500ml plasma packs or 12 x 1000ml plasma units
KLF 16-24 for Rapid Freezing of 24 x 500ml plasma packs or 18 x 1000ml plasma units
KLF 32-48 for Rapid Freezing of 48 x 500ml plasma packs or 32 x 1000ml plasma units

Technical Specification:

  • Core temperature / freezing time
  • For standard bags 500ml (maximum plasma volume 450ml): -30°C approximate freezing time equals 30min
  • For large bags 1.000ml (maximum plasma volume 850ml): -30°C approximate freezing time equals 40min
  • Start-up time (preparation time): -60°C within 10–15 min
  • Defrosting process: approx. 10min
  • Noise volume: less than 65dB(A)
  • Refrigerant: R449a (CFC/HCFC free)
Plasma bags in KLF

COOLSPY (Software Option)

Our product-related evaluation and data acquisition software enables e.g. temperature to be displayed graphically, stored and printed.

Parameters are displayed for:

  • Temperatures for both of the cold plates, and the dummy bags
  • Storing and archiving of all automatically displayed temperatures according to data, time, user and entire freezing process.
Aurora BioScience is the exclusive distributor of the CLST product range in Australia, further enhancing our blood product collection, processing and storage offering to you.