Heat Sealers

L&K Biosealer CR4
L&K Biosealer CR6-PS
L&K Biosealer CR6
L&K Biosealer CR6-PS

Ljungberg & Kögel develop and manufacture blood bank equipment, including devices for sealing PVC tubes and bags and mixing.

Ljungberg & Kögel was established in 1979 in Sweden. It was the first to introduce a blood scale-mixer that measured flow and was equipped with a flow warning system. They also created the first PVC sealer with a detachable weld seam. It is this sense of innovation that attracted Aurora BioScience as a distribution partner for the Australia-Pacific region

L&K Biosealer CR4


CR 4 AA gives a wide and safe seal and you can easily pull the tubes apart. The power unit can either be connected to a bench unit or a sealing handle. The bench unit automatically seals when a tube is in position. The sealing handle is easy to move and therefore it is easy to reach the part of the tube which shall be sealed.

Both units have a 1.9m cable. The electrodes are well protected by a plastic cover and are easy to clean.

Both units have a 1.9m cable. The electrodes are well protected by a plastic cover and are easy to clean. Suited for both PVC and EVA tubes. For outer tube diameters between 3.0mm and 7.0mm

Sealing time and output RF frequency are automatically adjusted based on tube diameter. Can be equipped with either two bench units or one bench unit plus

L&K Biosealer CR6


With new and fully loaded batteries it manages more then 1000 seals on PVC- and EVA-tubes.
The high capacity makes it suitable to use CR 6 AA both in donation rooms, laboratories and in mobile use.

BS is comprised of three units:

  • Sealing handle coax cable 1.9m
  • Power unit with batteries, RF generator a control unit monitored by a micro processor
  • Battery charger
L&K Biosealer CR6-PS


It is made for mobile une and is easy to carry on your shoulder or in your pocket.
BS CR6-PS AA is comprised of four units:

  • Sealing handle with 2.3 m coax cable
  • Power unit with batteries, RF generator and Control unit monitored by a Micro processor.
  • Battery charger
  • Carrying strap
L&K Sealing Handle

Sealing Handle

The Sealing Handle is made to seal PVC tubes, blood bag tubes and plasmaferes sets. The Sealing Handle is compatible with CR 6-PS, CR 6 and CR 4 power units.

It is specially made to be ergonomic and user friendly.