Thermal Control Shippers

Maximise control of your critical products with the latest MAXQ thermal control shipper systems.

MAXQ has been integral in the USA supporting COVID initiatives and transportation of critical products. With the demand for transportation of critical products front of mind today, contact us at Aurora BioScience to discuss how MAXQ can help you enhance your systems.

MaxPlus MTP Cooler


Transport Red Blood Cells, Plasma, and Platelets in One Integrated Cooler.



  • Qualified for up to 12 hours
  • Replaces up to three coolers for each MTP request
  • Streamlines blood bank daily operations, optimises efficiency and minimises staff training
  • Highly durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean/disinfect
  • Detachable cart included for transport
  • New lighter, more durable, enhanced performance design with engineered materials

All-in-One Massive Transfusion Protocol Cooler

The patented MaxPlus MTP Cooler® is designed specifically for Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) requests. With a coolant divider in the main compartment of the cooler and an external platelet pouch on the lid, the system is qualified to maintain red blood cells (1-6°C), warm or chilled plasma (cooling towards 1-6°C), and platelets (20-24°C) together in one integrated cooler for up to 12 hours. Standardised packaging protocols minimises staff training and are easy to implement network-wide.

Improved Response Time

The MaxPlus MTP cooler replaces up to three coolers for each Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) request saving valuable time in an emergency situation. In addition, standardised packing protocols with no special handling or bench-time conditioning allow the cooler to be packed out in 30 seconds for immediate delivery to a trauma, getting to the patient in record time.

MaxQ Flat boxes


Enhanced Performance Design

The new MaxPlus MTP Cooler system has been constructed using high-performance, engineered materials, resulting in a lighter, more durable, and easier to clean unit. Offering more stable product temperatures (+/- 0.3°C), ensuring optimal storage conditions. Specifically designed for blood bankers, prioritising the user-experience above all else.

Durable and Reusable

High-strength construction ensures that the cooler can be used reliably for years. The new design’s material is not only more durable but easier to clean and disinfect for ongoing use.

Qualification and Validation

MaxQ’s design and validation team can help select the system to best fit organisation’s unique transport and blood product needs. All MaxPlus systems are pre- qualified and supplied with a validation guide to help hospital blood banks confidently validate the systems in-house without third-party support.

Turn-Key Solution

The MaxPlus MTP Cooler was designed by scientist specifically for hospital blood bank operations. Each cooler includes the necessary gel packs, a detachable cart for transport, a validation guide, and packet instructions.

MaxQ Flat boxes

Proven Success

Harbor UCLA Medical Center reduced blood loss by 86% by implementing the MaxPlus MTP Cooler. Harbor UCLA Medical Center – MTP  Cooler Case Study 

It’s so worth having the confidence in this system (MaxPlus MTP Cooler). Anyone can pack it out. Anyone can handle it. And knowing that the blood product someone’s takes the time to donate will be protected is priceless.

Lead Medical Technologist

MaxPlusBlood Cooler – Storage and Transport with Maxify Technology

Innovative, no-bench-time blood storage and transportation coolers. Refrigerated (1°C to 6°C), Room Temperature (20°C to 24°C)

Multi-use flexibility covering hospital transfusion service needs

  • Longest temperature hold time
  • Pre-qualified
  • Portable, lightweight, reusable, economical
  • Optimise blood utilisation by reducing waste

From the OR and ER to transfusions, trauma packs, MTP coolers, STAT blood, and bedside storage, the MaxPlus Blood Cooler transports blood products safely and economically, cools them easily, stores efficiently, and stands up to in-hospital use, stat transport, transfusion deliveries and more. All with no special handling or bench-time conditioning.

  • Packed red cells, whole blood, platelets, plasma, tissue, organs, plus more
  • Flexible payload pack-out options
  • Technologically advanced materials
  • High strength, low weight, long-lasting durability

Additional Product Benefits

  • Universal, no-bench-time, simple pack-out with instructions included
  • Ergonomic & attractive design with strong handles for easy lifting
  • Customer-specific branding available
MaxQ Flat boxes

The technologically advanced MaxPlus Blood Coolers with MAXIFY™ technology is putting an end to weak cardboard shippers with thick and costly foam walls, commercial beverage coolers, old-school ice pack and labour-intensive pack-outs.

Maxify™ Technology

MAXIFY™ proprietary materials technologies are revolutionising the shipping of temperature-sensitive biologics, enabling our leading-edge MAXQ no-bench-time packaging solutions to provide unmatched shipping and cost efficiencies, thermal performance and TOTAL VALUE.

MaxPlus coolers are so precise and easy to use.
We simply love them!

Sheri Goertzen

Transfusion Service Supervisor, Valley Children's Healthcare

MaxPlus – EMT Cooler with Maxify Technology

Validated cooler for Emergency Medical Transport & Air Evac Operations

Refrigerated (1˚C to 6˚C) Validated for 24 hours

Holds 2 (500ml) whole blood units. From pre-hospital to OR and ER transfusions, trauma packs and MTP, the MaxPlus EMT cooler transports blood products safely, stores efficiently and stands up to repeated in-field and in-hospital use. All with no special handling or bench-time conditioning.

  • No-bench-time preconditioning required
  • Universal (all-season) protection
  • Optimised for quick deployment
  • Validated in operational ambient environments
  • Proven MaxPlus Protection – eliminates loss
MaxPlus OR:ER Blood Coolers

MaxPlus Alpha 2.0 Blood Cooler with Max Trace Technology

Simply optimised for all blood transfusion needs

MaxPlus Alpha 2.0 is the new state-of-the-art in end-to-end chain of custody – temperature monitoring

From the OR and ER to transfusions, trauma packs, STAT blood, and bedside storage, the MaxPlus Alpha 2.0 Blood Cooler enables operation specific temperature tracking.

  • Pack whole blood; packed red blood cells; chilled plasma; platelets, cell therapy apheresis products
  • Live temperature status LCD display
  • Continuous end-to-end temperature & breach compliance data
  • Mobile utility – Android, iOS & Windows
  • Easy report access on mobile, computer
  • NIST® Traceable Certification
  • Proven MaxPlus protection (up to 24-hour validation)
MaxPlus Alpha 2.0 Blood Cooler

MaxPlus Specimen Pouch-with Maxify™ Technology

Key Benefits:
1. Maxify™ technology enabled Universal (All- season) pack-out irrespective of regional weather changes across States
2. Easy to use – just unzip the pouch and place inside the freezer to pre-condition
3. Holds below -1°C for 8+ hours all year around using industry’s most advanced coolants
4. Tested in operations specific ambient conditions (up to -40 °C)
5. Customised logo and colour
6. Operationally Qualified design – reduced labour and engineering costs for package validation and implementation


  • Durable nylon pouch, zipper enclosure
  • Outer dimension: 20.95×15.87×10.16cm
  • Inner dimension: 16.51×12.7×6.35cm
  • Capacity: 6 – 10 specimen vials (3-6 ml)*
  • Total Weight: 0.68kg

*Available in larger size, capacity up to 30 specimen vials
*Configurable for room temperature and refrigerated specimens

MaxPlus Speci Pouch

MaxPlus STAT Pouch with Maxify Technology

  • Refrigerated (1˚C to 6˚C)
  • Validated up to 60 minutes
  • Validated storage for Refrigerated Biologics (Blood, Vaccines, Specimens)
  • Holds 1 red blood cell unit or up to 10 (6ml) vials

Purpose-designed and validated for STAT issue of rare blood units, biologics (vaccines, refrigerated specimens), the MaxPlus STAT Pouch provides on-demand, consistent temperature protection and enables a true chain of custody and temperature traceability. Now you can dispense single units with confidence and eliminate challenges in complying to the “30 minute rule”.

  • Activates within seconds
  • Never freeze solution keeps blood always above 1˚C
  • Validated for internal facility use
  • Increase “return-to-inventory” units
  • Pneumatic tube compatible
  • Proven MaxPlus Protection – eliminates loss
MaxPlus STAT Pouch

MaxPlus MTP Cooler 2.0®

Storage and Transport with Maxify Technology

NEW All-in-one Massive Transfusion Protocol Cooler
Holds pRBCs, Thawed Plasma and Platelets in one, easy to pack, cooler.


Validated up to 12 hours

This Cooler transports blood products safely from the OR/ER to transfusions, trauma packs, STAT blood and bedside storage. This dynamic cooler stands up to in-hospital use, STAT transport, transfusion deliveries and more. All with no special handling or bench-time conditioning.

  • One cooler replaces up to 3 coolers for each MTP request
  • Updated platelet pouch design for optimal thermal performance
  • Highly durable, long-lasting and easy to clean/disinfect
  • Retractable handle and wheels

Product Features:

  • Universal, no bench-time, simple pack-out with instructions included
  • Auto close lid and retractable handle
  • Customer-specific branding available
  • New and improved ergonomic shape
MaxPlus MTP 2_0 Cooler

MaxPlus coolers are so precise and easy to use. We simply love them!

Sheri Goertzen

Transfusion Service Supervisor, Valley Children's Healthcare

MaxPlus Local Distribution Tote with Maxify Technology

Validated for up to 24 hours

High ROI (Avg. re-use > 150+ times)

Purpose-designed for blood-center STAT and change-out deliveries in a simple system with interchangeable pack-out for red blood cells or platlets or plasma. MaxPlus local distribution totes combine unprecedented thermal performance and optimised delivery thereby enabling the lowest packaging and delivery costs.

Pre-qualified systems for internal fleet or courier transport of blood & blood products.

  • Universal (all-season) protection
  • No bench-time, quick pack-outs
  • Validated in operational ambient environments
  • Proven MaxPlus Protection – eliminates loss
  • Total low cost solution
MaxPlus Local Distribution Tote

MaxPlus PharmaPack SP


  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Environmentally friendly – recycle or return for reuse
  • 36-hour model qualified for 36 hours summer or winter
  • 48-hour model qualified for up to 36 hours in summer, up to 48 hours in winter
  • Universal all-season packout design simplifies packing process
  • Reduces storage space requirements within pharmacy and reloads by couriers
  • Meets all URAC 4.0 requirements


Compact and Efficient Transport of Temperature-Sensitive Specialty Medication

Designed for expedited transport of specialty pharmacy medication, the MaxPlus PharmaPack SPTM system delivers quality performance in a compact container. Two sizes allow for temperature-controlled shipping and delivery for up to 36 (1RPP36) or 48 (1RPP48) hours at refrigerated temperatures.

The MaxPlus PharmaPack SP is up to 75% smaller and 50% lighter than current specialty pharmacy logistics solutions, which can reduce shipping costs by as much as 50%.  Additionally, since less storage space is needed – the specialty pharmacy operating environment becomes more efficient.

To maximise cost efficiencies further, the system is qualified for universal, all-season packouts so pharmacies can perform PQ testing once a year. The standardised PharmaPack SP system can be assembled in seconds, eliminating the need for staff retraining or operational adjustments during seasonal transitions.

The Pharmapack SP system is designed by scientists specifically for specialty pharmacy shipments, and is tested to ISTA 7D and 7E profiles.

MaxPlus Local Distribution Tote