Organ Recovery Systems

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Transporting a donated kidney safely is your highest priority.

Built for Safety

Transporting a donated kidney safely is your highest priority. Physical protections include:

  • Ultrasonic bubble detectors to prevent air from entering the vasculature
  • Static cold storage backup for ultimate safety
  • Surrounded by physiologic solution in Perfusion Circuit
  • Pressure-controlled pump letting you set the pressure based on kidney vasculature
  • Gentle flow increase during vasodilation to avoid barotrauma

Organ Recovery Systems is the global market-leading provider of organ preservation products and services, supporting over 211 transplant programs in 29 countries with its patented LifePort(r) Kidney Transporter and the gold-standard organ preservation solutions, UW solution (SPS-1(r)) and UW machine perfusion solution (KPS-1(r)).

The LifePort Kidney Transporter product family is built to give you ultimate ease of use. When you’re in the field, speed matters. The integrated components of your LifePort Kidney Transporter system are easy to set up when it matters most. Our complete organ transplant container system includes:

  • Perfusion Circuit to contain the kidney and perfusate under aseptic conditions during transport
  • Custom-made cannulas for secure connection to any kidney vasculature
  • Sterile Drape to maintain aseptic conditions while working inside the Perfusion Circuit
  • Preservation Solutions to maintain organ viability during preservation

Organ Recovery Systems is committed to advancing organ preservation for transplantation by developing innovative medical technologies and support systems to preserve and protect donor organs, helping clinicians transform outcomes post transplantation. Organ Recovery Systems is dedicated to furthering the field of transplantation through its contributions to pre-clinical and clinical research.