Ljungberg & Kögel was established in in Sweden in 1979 and develops and manufactures high quality blood bank equipment, as well as a range of other medical technology products.

Ljungberg & Kögel introduced the first PVC tube sealer with a detachable weld seam along with the first blood scale-mixer that measured flow and was equipped with a flow warning system.

Our products are manufactured to the highest global standards and are regarded as the premier tube sealing products in the world with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

In our tube sealing range, we offer three different types of power units, the CR4 AA, the CR6 AA and the CR6-PS AA.

Another first for L&K was the introduction of “AA” technology, that stands for “Automatic Adjust” which means that the sealing time is automatically adjusted depending on which tube that is being sealed.

CR4 AA is powered from the mains network while CR6 AA and CR6-PS AA are battery powered.

A complete tube sealing system consists of one of the above sealing units with the option of three types of sealing handles, a workhorse Manual Sealing Handle, the Ergonomic Sealing Handle or a bench sealing unit. The sealing handles are operated by hand and the bench unit will automatically seal when a tube is inserted.

Our uniquely designed high frequency generator, HFG, together with the specially designed electrodes gives a wide and safe seal of about 3mm with a marking in the middle that makes it easier to pull the tubes apart. The electrodes adjust for tubes of 4-5 mm thickness but can on demand be adjusted for tubes of up to 6.5 mm.

The sealing gives easy separation and leakage check. Sealing is done in 1-2 sec depending on the type of tube. Before sealing, the microprocessor controlled timer board checks that the tube is not moist, to avoid sparks and thereby leakage.


The Biosealer CR 4 AA is a model for continuous use, built for sealing PVC-tubes, PVC/EVA and EVA-tubes, especially blood bags tubes or sets for plasmapheresis. It has a powerful HF-unit (high frequency), which makes it suitable both for routine procedures at donation rooms and repeated operations at preparation rooms without overheating.

The CR 4 AA can either be connected to a Handle Unit and a Bench Unit or two Handle Units. The Bench Unit automatically seals when a tube is in position.


The Biosealer CR6 AA is battery operated sealing unit for PVC-tubes, PVC/EVA and EVA-tubes especially suitable for tubing from blood bags and tubing from sets for plasmapheresis.

The CR6 AA can either be connected to a Handle Unit or a Bench Unit. The Bench Unit automatically seals when a tube is in position.

With a new and fully charged battery it can make 1500 seals (1200 with the Bench Unit) on a 4-5 mm PVC tube. This high capacity makes it suitable to use CR6 AA either mobile or stationary in donation rooms and laboratories.

There is an option carry bag for mobile use.


The Biosealer CR6-PS AA is a battery operated sealing unit for PVC, PVC/EVA and EVA-tubes using environmentally approved cadmium-free NiMH batteries. With new and fully charged batteries it manages more than 500 seals on 4-5 mm PVC-tubes. This high capacity makes it suitable to use CR6-PS AA both in donation rooms and in laboratories.

The CR6-PS AA can be connected to a Manual Sealing Handle or an Ergonomic Sealing Handle, MSH-III.

Bench Sealing Unit

Handle Unit, Manual Sealing Handle
Handle Unit, Ergonomic Sealing Handle (MSH-III)