Breast surgery is a complicated procedure. Whether one is performing breast augmentation, breast reduction, or mammoplasty, there are always challenges to the surgery. Breast tissue is susceptible to infection. Even in clean surgeries and with high-quality care, around 8.3% of wounds get infected. This is mainly due to improper cleaning of the wound and accumulation of drained body fluids at the incision site in the first few post-op days. The first few days after an operation, or as one may call it phase Zero of recovery, are the crucial days that require extra medical attention and care.

Any neglect in the care of a wound can make it susceptible to damage from environmental causes. While this is a problem for patients, it also means extra work for surgeons for taking care of the wound, delayed recovery, extra antibiotics, extra workforce, and an increase in the overall burden on the clinic and patient’s life. Recommending proper products for post-op needs is necessary for a speedy recovery and low infection rates which are the hallmarks that patients look for when they are looking for a clinic for their surgical needs.

Post-op need for an absorbable dressing

After breast reconstruction surgery, many problems arise for the patient. One of them is wound leaking, bleeding, and drainage. The incision from the breast procedure can bleed from time to time and humidity from blood, sweat and other body fluids can increase the chances of infections. The key feature of the post-op dressing should be its absorbability and comfort. The ability of the dressing to absorb large amounts of body fluids without leaking indicates the reliability of the product and decreases the anxiety of the patients. The patients tend to show compliance with the product that can help them to return to normal day-to-day living as soon as possible.

In the first few days, when patients cannot wear a regular surgical bra as they are nonsterile, nonabsorbable and they are not disposable, they need an innovative solution to have all needs met. Here are some key points from renowned medical journals on why it is important to recommend a dressing with high absorbability to your patients in these crucial post-op days.

A regular dressing can increase the rate of infection by providing fluid accumulation as a viable environment for bacterial growth.

Constant contact with blood, sweat, and body fluids can delay the wound healing for the patient.

Leaking of body fluids from the dressing and infection site can stain the clothes of the patient which can be a source of embarrassment for the patient. It can limit the functional capacity of patients as they try to avoid social gatherings.

Normal dressings can irritate the skin resulting in itch, rash, and scathing making the patient uncomfortable.

Why do you need a solution?

As a medical professional, you care for your patients and make sure you provide them with the best standard of care to help them in their recovery journey. This is why choosing a post-op product that helps patients in their recovery while maintaining their dignity and independence is very important. You also have to make sure that you provide specially designed solutions for all their needs rather than improvised solutions which may neglect some aspect of patient care.

There are many products available on the market for post-breast surgery procedures, all with their pros and cons for different phases of recovery. EZbra, complement’s already available products to enhance their function while working alongside them to compensate for any shortcomings.

EZbra – The ultimate solution for Phase 0 of recovery

EZbra is the only product currently working for phase zero of rehabilitation after surgery, complementing the work of all other surgical bras and dressings. Our main aim is to make things easier for everyone out there in the first days after their breast surgery. EZbra is a perfect solution to minimise the problems such as infection, compression dressing, feeling of dependence, pain, drain management problems that one may counter from day zero of their surgery. It provides the sterilisation of surgical equipment, feasibility for the patient, compression customisation of compression dressing, drainage holder for the drain coming out of the wounds all in one place. Once the initial healing has begun, patients can shift to the usual post-op recovery products available in the market which aim for the 2nd phase of recovery.

One-of-a-kind solution

After surgery care is essential to increase recovery speed and decrease infection possibility while maintaining the clients overall satisfaction with a procedure, whether cosmetic or oncological. EZbra’s design aims to reduce medical adhesive skin irritation while giving women a solution for phase 0 care. A branded, trusted product that can replace improvised methods that some women turn to in a crucial stage of their post op care. Having a product that can be tailored to individuals’ specific needs and providing an easy and safe option for patients commencing phase 0 care, EZbra is an all-in-one product that is one of a kind.