Baptist Health Cancer Care Abstract to be presented at Oncology Nursing Society Annual Symposium

NORWOOD, Mass., April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Entrinsic Bioscience is pleased to announce the upcoming poster session on the role of Enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula in reducing adverse gastrointestinal side effects for patients undergoing cancer treatment. The event will showcase the preliminary results of an ongoing clinical study that is being conducted by a team of researchers and practitioners from Baptist Health Louisville Cancer Care in Louisville, Kentucky.

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The abstract, titled “Evaluating the Use of an Amino Acid Food to Alleviate Chemotherapy Induced Toxicity in Cancer Patients,” will be presented during the Oncology Nursing Society Annual Symposium held in San Antonio, Texas from April 27-30. The presentation of this research on April 27th will show promising results of Enterade in managing the side effects typically experienced by patients undergoing cancer therapies or treatments. Significant cost savings may also be realized by organizations that order Enterade for patients receiving chemotherapy regimens that are likely to cause GI symptoms by avoiding unplanned visits, IV hydration and hospitalisations.

This study highlights Enterade’s potential to transform the landscape of cancer care and provide valuable insights for researchers and practitioners alike. The research findings show statistically significant benefits following consumption of Enterade:

  • Lower nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Reduction in unplanned healthcare practitioner visits

Findings also demonstrate clinically significant patient improvements including:

  • Fewer stopped treatments
  • Lower vomiting
  • Reduction in weight loss

Enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula, the flagship product of Entrinsic Bioscience, is a plant-based amino acid beverage that is currently used by patients at over 700 cancer treatment centers nationwide.

“The findings are promising in terms of the significant positive impact that Enterade can have on improving patient treatment outcomes,” says Cynthia Wigutow, director of medical education. “Incorporating Enterade as a supportive care agent helps patients improve their quality of life and helps them stay on their course of treatment by reducing GI side effects. Our goal is to help patients feel better so they can fight harder throughout their cancer journey.”

“The Baptist Health Louisville clinical study builds on the clinical support of Enterade, further demonstrating the GI benefits to patients of Enterade, a plant-based medical food, and supporting its use as standard of care,” says Steve Cohen, chief marketing officer of Entrinsic Consumer Health. “If cancer patients feel less nauseous or sick during their treatments, they will be more likely to continue with their treatments and that can positively impact survival rates.”

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